Our Upcoming Move to Parkland Plaza


We have begun receiving many questions about our exciting upcoming move to our new location on Parkland Plaza. Please see below for the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered below, or any comments or concerns, please contact our director, Rachel Pastiva, at faadldirector@gmail.com.



Frequently Asked Questions About Our Upcoming Move to Parkland Plaza


Q: Why are the Friends moving?


A: The library purchased 265 Parkland Plaza in 2021 to permanently house its archives and acquisitions departments and to have more space to host large library events. The library asked the Friends if we would like to move our operations to this newly purchased location in order to have more space for our operations. Because our current space limits the amount of inventory we can shelve, thereby limiting our fundraising efforts, we answered this incredible opportunity to expand with a resounding “Yes!”


Q: Do the Friends really need more space for inventory?


A: Due to our generous donors, we receive donations seven days a week, multiple times a day. Because of this, we don’t always have room on our book shop shelves to put all of our processed inventory out when it arrives. Most subjects have some degree of backstock, and many of our most popular subjects, including Literature, Art, Children’s, Graphic Novels, and History, sometimes have more books in the backstock than we have on shelves in the shop! Having more space for more shelving will allow for all of our inventory to make it onto the book shop shelves as soon as it is processed, thereby providing a broader selection of materials for our customers to enjoy.


Q: Where is the new location?


A: Parkland Plaza is located off of Jackson Road between Wagner and Zeeb. 265 Parkland Plaza used to be home to Arbor Beverage, and is across the street from U-M’s West Ann Arbor Health Center. The new location will offer free parking, and is accessible from the Parkland Plaza stop of AAATA Bus Route 30. 


Q: Will donations still be accepted downtown?


A: All of our operations are moving to Parkland Plaza, including donation drop-off. We believe many of our donors will find donation drop-off a simpler process because they won’t have to navigate downtown streets. We don’t yet know what our donation schedule will be, but the library is considering installing a donation drop-off box so donors can drop off donations whenever is most convenient for them.


Q: When will the move take place?


A: Because the new library property is still under construction, the move-in date is tentative, and we are hoping to begin moving our operations in early June. The Friends Book Shop will close permanently at the Downtown Library on Sunday, May 19th.

Q: When will the Friends Book Shop open at its new location?


A: Our opening date at 265 Parkland Plaza is dependent on both the construction schedule, and on incoming donations once we move. Our goal is to have full shelves of books and other materials before opening, so we will be unable to determine an opening date until our operations are underway in the new location. 

Q: Will there still be books for sale at the Downtown Library?


A: Yes! The shelves that formerly held free books will be converted to Friends Shelves the week of May 20th and will hold a selection of our better quality books like those at all library branches.

Q: Will there still be free books at the Downtown Library?


A: Yes! We will continue to make two carts of free books available on an ongoing basis at the Downtown Library. We hope to also have free books available at our new location.

Q: What will become of the space where the Friends Book Shop currently is? 


A: The library does not currently have any plans for the space.